Veld Product Research & Development - Protecting Africa's Forests.
Specialists in Non-Timber Forest Products

Medicinal plants in Botswana.

Veld products include foods, medicines, craft materials, tannins, gums, resins, dyes, essential oils, florist materials, ornamental plants, insects, horns, hides, skins and many other renewable natural resources

Craft materials from Africa.
Natural products from Botswana.

Wild products from Africa.

Medicinal plants from Veld Products. Veld Products Research & Development (VPR&D), is a Botswana-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), established in 1981 to research and develop a wide range of veld products and to investigate suitable management systems for natural resources in order to ensure sustainable utilisation.

VPR&D's main research sites and nursery facilities are located in Gabane, a village 18 kms west of Gaborone. A Board of Directors comprised of individuals who are farmers in the Gabane community as well as senior people in Government and in other NGOs governs VPR&D.

In addition to its nursery-based research, VPR&D undertakes field activities throughout Botswana and the Southern Africa region.
These activities include community-based project activities as well work on indigenous fruit tree planting trials and agroforestry trial plots located throughout Botswana.
Medicinal plants and essential oils from Africa. Bee-keeping and beekeeping in Botswana, Africa.

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